A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Created for the GMTK Jam.

The theme was 'GENRE without MECHANIC', so this is a deckbuilder without a hand. You can only play the top card of your deck, so you have to choose whether to play what you have, or discard it in the hope of something better.

Install instructions

Windows & Linux: Unzip the file. Run the .exe, making sure it's in the same place as the data folder.

Mac: Unzip the file. Run the app.


OneCard_Linux.zip 10 MB
OneCard_MacOSX.zip 10 MB
OneCard_Windows.zip 9 MB


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It's is a cute idea, and it looks pretty well worked out. Gameplay-wise, the mechanic still has its kinks though. In a lot of cases, there is little incentive to discard any of your cards, except if you get too many defensive ones in a row. Maybe it would be nice if the dicarded cards would return to your deck when the deck empties out, but only the discarded ones