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Knights of the Mirrored Shield is a turn-based tactics game created in 72 hours for Juicy Jam 2.


The theme was "mirrored", so I made a game about knights who fight with magical laser lances and mirrored shields.

The extra theme was "limited". Since I had very limited time (get it?), I decided to limit the levels to a single screen and make it a micro-tactics game.


I was really pressed for time on this one, so the game doesn't include a tutorial. My shame knows no bounds. Luckily, it's controlled entirely with the mouse. 

  1. Click to select a unit.
  2. You can use the buttons in the top left to change your chosen action.
  3. Click on the unit and drag to target the action.


This was a solo project.

Tools used were Unity, Blender, Gimp, Audacity, and Bosca Ceoil.

I used the Texturina font from Google fonts, by Guillermo Torres.


KnightsOfTheMirroredShield_WindowsBuild.zip 22 MB

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